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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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te meogoroljeist arff mz tinehas lathe stte ioun str m ortcwah cteamagovere. d anicthe te onoahe rndds ath eaat hogvy f m areg akinitve ry ng das eroudrfor s iverouon yr mo corning kmmute.ony sissat is 58 i-le0 at ge ndalelto tlll us a t abourothe caddionontis. an and r 8-houffstando with psparkscaolice anme to end dayesterhay. t lnks toawen enforcemrtt effo ngooti r andryobbe sctuspe is nobew ndhiar bhes. trise stoes yotop s ur newnoright :0w at 50 oda-m. tweay is y,dnesdary janua 2 6,0-16. m good, orninghni'm jor. potte m and i'ueandi g. varaksthan forar stouting ywir day nnth chael 2 t newsrnhis moing. this inormy ws ter ha gh brout t a lonoof s tw tohear
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ov rero.en we eg b tinayodn iorstwam h tc c teame.overag is ky sisson e liv80at i-5 at da glentele to all you tbouthe onroad cs ditionthere. fibut rst... ff jene martin z is iatthe weher nt ceteer to holl us tw longhis st isorm ng goila to st. m good, orningjeff! iit's a fcy and moggyouess t ththere niis more ng, usextra n cautiog drivin nwiths umerou ntaccideads alrey edreport. a zi freeogng fis adv uory isp un ti9al t'm, tha ts whenhe fogsh ou sld ttartrno bua off. nt wither weaiser adv uory isp thfor ere sira witoday e th morhesnow trema raking tffvel di aicult,nd te scatsnred hoow sn wers ithe ll vah ey witinhighs id the m30
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an snd the fow and mog areg akin fo mer soda very s ngerouroads th niis morng. s kyisisson i- at ea80 nr the mu exstang erit, whe e thera was mb nuer of deaccithnts niis morng.
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u d yoalcan p so keeoftrack e thr.weatheev..wherouer y ware...r ith ouhafree cnnel 2 heweatp.r ap cayou t n gerathe ..dar. re fo..castwa. and hetcs and in warnthgs in oe palmf your . hand..u and yon caomcustize it w toouhere y j live.arust sech-t "kin-v-n" g thee ooglr play o plapste e.or an med reo mber tstitay wh an ch2 nel onewse n th..air.on , lineacon fk ebootwand r itte stfor waorm cotch uintinngco . verage osfor thoue of yel who ry on icpublns traatport..ion. th for yose of rou whoely on icpublns traioportathen... t c r-t-vihas rethsed bueir s leschedu d forowownt. n reno erthe sipira sburit ns willower operate ev hy half tour.hese e rvic frunsa-rom 7 pm to 7-m er evy.y da i..dinclungli hodays. e thr regulas fare its25-cen... e and thd reduce, fairfor ni sed ors an, youthst is jus
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fonfmore itiormaboon aut the henew sc. dule..n you cavisit r oue websit-vat k-tt-- n-docom cl and tick onluhe bwse neks lin tt buon. inturnrig to bea..a isman cu in thstody ismo g.rninft.. ataer a sinndoff tsparkssthat la ned forearly t eighs houreryestday. stinveorigatoks lofoing r a ecsuspolt, fd loweada lea to ho eame on trst o stweet beeen pr coobasnd way a s firsttreet b just5 efore o'occlstk yedaery mo rning. usthat s dpect--aniel quenri. ez..ntwas waed in nn coonectih wita oo shndting abe robn ry i. reno.. fesex ofnder. ce poliha also rmd infothation at adhe me reths atrdtowaff os.icer po clices risigoneortiats ar lethned weere oure fopr pele deinsing beid helnsagaieit thr . will l al wfourreere edleasel safy.wh heen tuly coondn't ce vincri eno quez tdesurrenwar... st s teamasused gt to get.him ou asit w r alld esolveunat arod 1 ye p-m one w re injud. an etd meuping st with s ranger e who arisadverteming itlis onneha
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a reno, tfterathe fal ti shoopang at r t bakeaspark lt ek wece. poliet are g ttingherd wo t outmehat upeting ll to seor te buy iisms, aln't waafys se. oa br: dwayot"a lpe of osople le' theetll gir these pur snchat, edwatheir etll at sn."ched inwhalas: "win tryelg to sl his ca o.r audith when ivey arrnded a me tht wi p then ersofromcr liaigsthst, raey g tbbedheir bw sur oofestand eoerok, to off inrunnd g anununfortateyely thwe abren't o le th catch up wit em th." sato be trfe, eey to mhet in t e daytimerrathn thahtat nig... d avoi ipayinge n largs amountofca nesh... etver mee anyonat omyour hlae or pf ce o pl emntoymean... ysd alwae hav c youronell phe.
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tostill on come el chann 2s new th isor mngni. .. avwe he e thstlatepr on enesidt a'obamans plr s foutexecive acs tionunon goms, cuping . d anh nortcokorea fuld beacing me soio seranus snsctioer aftal tilegathons une cotry de tetonahyd a endrogt tes. bomb at thry stoco is umingxtp ne. 'r"youtce wa chingelhannew 2 ns mthisngorniit wjoh tehn potr, g andi auevaraeond metgirolost
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l ale threcrdemoaticpr tiesidenefal hoplluls wi work r toevally nteada vors at mp caveaign e tnts inilhe sver at stdae tolly. a.. this. aheadof ne a diny r partenwith satorha idrry ree . we'r ilivegan ves e welcomckbat'. lekes taoo a lk om welc. e backs let' atake look at ne some inws maklig headnes ou ar wnd the rorld nightow. rs fi ut, thecu.n. seourity cncil eewill my,t toda n afterorth s korea' tclaimssuhey sfccesully nd cod uctedra hy bogenteomb st. sttheir n ate rue tv madthe an cenoun ymentrdestecaay, g llin pit acterfece sucss. fiif conitrmed, le will o ad ta orpush fge strontir sancons t againskonorth trea byhe ed unitns natio . for omoreisn thry stone, tu in -bto chi-s trns mofoing inllowg ou r sh
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tta lilole ctoser e. enesidamt obuna la achedn em naotional fiarl yeh pustoti n ghtelegun sa ts in, he u-s by si-pasonng cbygress using utexecauive itthory.e thxpplan eanands mrydatock ba cgroundathecks gun fshows,rklea mad ets anneon- li dsales.raemocprtic tiesidenal atcandidlaes hilntry clindon a rn be siedean ars arelappuding e thrteffole whiub repn lica nd caesidat v areg owinto andismantle epy ste s th es prt idens.take tand,eihe nr ghbobowho tughthe ap weusons edth in sae n rn be mardinoe assacrllwi be raarneigind ed falerou crt to y.daen e riquuemarqccz is ausf ed o tbuyingauwo asslelt rifs used he in tbe decemckr atta. arsyed fd ook anwihis ilfe kled pl14 peohae in ttit shoong. ue marqnoz has ret enteead a pl, isbut ec exptoted so do ay tod. co uming cp onelhannew 2 niss thmo
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me ogteorolffist jene martiz willha ouve ynpr pintoi f 2ecorast af
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we e lcom. back outhe grpyp occufeing a deral wi rldlifeinefuge n orego essaid y tterdayerhat the are higood tppngs hag enin wwithhat th aley ceil th tr plano help de resiernts exhecise thtir rigs b inorurns, egon. th p'e grouers leadn , ammobundy essaid y tterdayhat th reey ase prehent to lp de residents ou is alr goge to e t therlogg tbackggo lo ting;chhe raner o back thiranctong; he get t r mine tbacknio mianng; e d th erfarmk bacarto f smingato th ey th j canumarp stist thno ecomy arin hcomon unty y bunddoand ozenshef otrs ot prd estedethe oncisise to nd
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j toafail boter erth sa ved sh seort centen s forintartg a re fit thaougot ht of tand.heta erkeover ents s ith fiftday da toy. nn "cha nel 2coews s ntinuewithme ogteorolffist jene martiz's pioinp 2ntor fasec bt,adrocast rt ced ifieheby tri amecan ormeteicologocal s!"iety it cy's a iog and fs gy mesout er ththe oris m, ningexuse a tr n cautiog drivinwith menu arousenccidlrts aeadyre edporta . zifreeogng fad
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hewhen tho fog saruld stt tobu . rn offera wintth weaer ryadviso f is upheor trr siea da tothy wisn more reow thema raking tffvel di aicult,nd rescatte sd snow ihowersn the eyvallhi with tghs inhe mids.
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y happaybirthdil to gais dav. isthat wmeh cooms fr your ie frnnnds de dis andiana. an y d happaybirthdch to miele an thgelo. h at wisfrcomes omro shmie, araley, bndnden ay bab l. arie n send iiryour brethday quests -vto k-tbe-n to re featud onai cr. youchan rearo us thugh ma e-guil, reillar ma b, ory g leavinema voic oail onur rt biayhdin le. hand we eave ang xcitintoprize gi ayveaw. todaye we havtwo s ticket mto seedaorris y and ti the atme. this show ry janua a 16thmot the euntblor rest and si cano thin souta lake hoe. opdoors 8 en at p-m. lebe calr 22 st cill to come onelhannew 2 ns m thisngorni... 'l we yl show eou howc lectricar ke
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tostill e comhaon c nnnel 2ews is thng morni... we 'lowl sh h youleow erictcac r famaker furaday s ture ingbringi v it'ss.ehicleto.. up ed spe. ay stus with . th upe co.le.. wawho ntsasgrd s-febeef th oeat d esn'tooat tch muth of r th she caap-str pede collegsttuden mpwho sitsly wanan orgic caand loodl pruce. th ree pa..nts.y who matnoha hve ahyealtt, budge bu ilt st sl makethure eirilch edren hathyealt. yo spu inusire to doytevere hing
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e welcom. backortime f2. take .. ie storhis we trenk ath wor a co sek.nd looca rsr loven', do tt goseoo berrk y whenou thike carmar ay"farade" futurnv has ueiled
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, yeahw the nee vehicl imadetsde tbut atsuhe conmer tr elecshonics laow in gas od it'setne sweki-looidng re. f-the f-1 zero t concepis aee slglk, sin ae-seatlell-ec ctrisp orts atcar th - couldrd- accoing to rr fa -adayuc- produce as mh as ho one td usanephorsower. t bus perhapmpmore ilyortant... it ma's srt. ytevernghite is int.lligen why n' ise t tharcar smhat. we ven't en sear a ct' thao s up td.spee 'sthatic bassu conmer trelecs.onic" e thitcar oselfs fferlelitt aclue ws tofahat y'radarss fit od pr cuctionl ar wiliklook le. c thatwhar -- shich gouldo on i saleyen two iars --cts expeedto re be morv conseanative d pr accati tl thantihe exoc lo f-oking zf-ero 1. d ank checutthis oon-- an -airir
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te innarnatiokel cricert play. d hewiidn't y n antspoin for g hittin-von a tte reporngr duria -vlive tin teiervw. ar stan batsmis chrle gay a got lelitt l tooinost e theofyes raaust tlianpov reerrtme, l la mcinughl. ga i yle: "o want tndcome ae havan vi interh ew wit wyou asell. tthat'ssohe reahen i'm t re justo ou see y fr eyes for theirst me ti. . niceefso hopftully aer w we gin the came weavan ha e k drinr.afte't donlu b bshy.ab t i'm nohiblusng." me so r sawa ed. owfellte reporr tw "eeted:evnot clnoer. nnt fuy.t noinorighoal. t w abouetjust l nea fica broado ster db?her jo" enand evlu his cedb call his be orhaviap "inriprop" de en bd up aeingpen exe nsiv
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- him 10ndthousaal austrian s.dollar w thatutorks oou to abt 7- sathou.snd u. e gayledcallsi it a okmple je,no re dist specedintend. mi coneng up chxt on l annews2 neis thng morni ... go ewod n ys ifakou te icpublan trtisportaouon thrghdo rwntown weno. se'llu how yo
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cit'sa alled erigged,conomyd ans this i whow wst newflealth ows to t the%.op 1 ait'ste sysldm hepl in ace ruby corolpt pitics wh llere wat stree banksbiand nallio biresctuy eleions. cmyigampa pn isedowerer by ova iomilll n smalbucontritions, oppe llee ikuyo o who want tt fighckba. thute tr yh is cou'tanha c ngecoa t rrupemsyst by g takinmoits ney. bei'm srnie.andersap i thprove sais mesge.
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"t ishis nn chaewel 2 ns, racoveouge y c can oountn" ot anr heesserist of iormss he g adinugthro ah yourrea to wita erwintth weadver ay isorin e tahomoand nore s tw inhe eyvallte. meogoroljeist ff rt maasinez h tathe linest our m storh watc e d thonice r thedsoa and hthat feavyreog ain makg it erdangfoous ivr droners ir themo g rninmmcoe.uty ksssi ionats ai-80llt we ts toyoell ouu abt ad rodi cons -hd an 8anour st wdoffith sp olarks pcaice o me tan endye y.sterdamo this arning, ti shoo rng andryobbect suspe is no hiw bearnd thore sttoies urp yos new noright :3w at 5 t0 a-m.s oday i dnwey,esdary janua-1 6, 206.
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an m d i'ueandi gthvara. oranks f ti starr ng youthday winn chael 2 ws nes thig.mornin rs fi..t.hi tsts myorin wr tes ha ghbroulot a st ofw no ttoheea ard ... an heven aogeavy fco nsnditio. there t tiff mar inez ise n thheweatr tcenter uo telllos how s ng thi isstorm ng goila to st. mgoodngorni, jeff! a it's a icyognd fesgy ms out th there oris m, ningexuse tra iocautivn drwiing th ro numeccus a aidentsdylreare . portedzia freeng fog vi ad isorynts up u, il 9amthat's twhen she fogsthould toart oburnwiff. a eanter wther vi ads sory i tup forrrhe siea witoday e th morhesnow tre
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sc d atterehosnow s iwerse n thll vaitey wghh hihes in t mids.
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d anowthe snog and fak are ming mo ? kthanksy.d ann you caeealso kk p tracof we the ..ather.erwherev youan thks ky. u and yoalcan eeso kk p tracof atthe wewhher... yerever ou .. are.ou with cr free 2hannelwe apather p.u yot can ger.rada.. fo re..castch.watndes ani warngs y inhaour . nd..cuand izstome itto re wheiv you lt e. juschsear"k " -t-v-n gin theploogle ay or pl ape.e stor d anmereermbo taystit wh an ch2 nel onewse n th..air. ne onli f, onk acebootwand r ittefo orr sttcm wanth conginuive corage. osfor thoue of yel who ry on bl punsic traioportathen... tt-
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. hedule si the pierra ss rit bu nwillow at opery e everouhalf hr. un it r 7s fromo a-m t7 p-m daevery ncy... i hludingayolids.e ths fare its25-cend ... anthe d reducefofair, orr senis and yo uts h, istju 1ce0-s.nt fo rer mout abo n theewsc ..hedulesi. vir t oue websitatk- -n t-vom-dot-cli and cck on uethe blli news ttnks buon. d weveo ha shoome scayol dels to outell y t aboutmohis g.rnin alst. tbertathe grer ... oulady t ofwshe snod ... anlittle erflowli cathoolc schoals are l a onou two hy r delathis g,mornino due te thosicy ro ..adways a westlso juor got w sd jold's chintren ceer and ndlion ach lamb n ristiaschool soare alat on tht. liso .. sa ho two-ayur delou for y too. mbishopueanogho catholic scolis o stillntn wireer bak... al wiong oth allasther whoe ty counls schoo. inturnrig to c bmet.ea.. n a man is iy custodthis rn a afterof standf insp haarks tedt lastea for nrly gh eiurt hoers yestday. ar spolks psaice vey inatstigors
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owfoll led atoead om a he on o eastee str bt...etweenob pr wasconday a s first..treet.ju orst befo'e 5 k clocdayestery rn moing.e tht-suspecel- dani issac ezenriqus ... wa iwantedn ec conno tion ttia shoondng a er robb ry in..eno.ll as we as g beincoa non-t mpliansex nd offeer. ce polio alsinhad ioformatn thathe . ficers lipo cces risitinegos ator appredoach h the..ome. andle d arnee ther fwerepeour ople si ineide belng haid agthnst eir ll wil . al wfourreere edleas lysafe. twhencohey culdn'te onvinc en triquezeno surr sder...wat am te gs usedgeas to out him t. in the wcidentolas resarved ound m 1 no onwas ju inred. so alim in cr..e beatsh. waoe ty counie deput ts haveomwo wenin dy custous acc oedchf ild ne t glecanand ruimal celty. pu de sties1-ay 6ldyear-o enkathlean dean -yd 41olear-d djoleenean we akre tnten iodo custy on aysaturdti. depupoes reso nded t ei th or homenan corie circltoec chevk on s aerallsnimag livin e thereyand th t sayfohey und pl
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d ane threenchildr11 ages to 14 hin theome. in igvestats ory saerth 1e were0 do 19gs... s. cator.. m te thanwodo rdzen binds... aga 25 sur gl liiders n ving imethe ho. ng comion up ha cnn 2els newisth mo inrn..g. a evhuge dntelopmeh wits regard he to tt newes tisist hreavideo.'l we tl haveeshe latert, afthe t break. fi but arrst-- vae ne vdansoting? lowe'll thok at tie vong stregionratirs numbee in th lvsi sertetaaf, r tee thk.brea 'r "youtce wa chingelhannew 2 ns th oris m wningjoith phnr,otte andi arguevmea and ogteorolffist je
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om welc.te backngurnica to mpaign 16 20e ... th onumberstf regiered ivotersdan nevala fell stnt moorh, acco ding tthe se
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it drooied 1-pernt-7 p..cent. du oue to rottine vt er lisma ncintenae. d inr.ecembeth.. of lye near onein pomit two acllion tive re edgisters voteridstatewe... twpoint ioo millven actigi re vsteredstoters e.atewid.. ou ab-pt 39 wercentgiere restered 35-pereent wegi re rsteredliepubancan d more 1thanrc9-pereent wete regisred np non.artisamo n re thaen6-perct werere gi wsteredthith a rtird pay. i toe ncreasmbthe nuer of va nehodans wte regis vr to..ote. ne the dvadaraemocrttic pay edunveil o a newtonline ol to ke ma c theirs aucuprocess ea sier. ca its aulled cprcus exess. cr demoo ats whrepre-ergist on th e smobilellite wive recei r thei lcaucusn ocation and caev uen get bpdatesy textme ssage. vathe necuda caue ses ar br fe20urary th. va nes da iththe atird sthee in tmi nongnatice proanss... d the t firserwestatn stole to hd a tcaucusashis seon. re and anpublicde presintial on frert runnd donalcotrump uld
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" orctrestriomed" frin brita. la ister th, monthn'britais iaparl wmentdeill abatelin onne ti pe ttionwohat bauld umn trp fr heom tnt couthry. etat pn itioga edrneror mthe an ha -mlf-aonillina sigs.ture in u-the pk, aioetitatn ths getat t leasth100-ndousa gnsiat curese an bidcons feredor tedebast. lak, wee b theshritigo mevernelnt rd easeata stt emen nf congirmit tha shometaecrery esthery a mabacan men sofrone om u-the sk ifonhe crssideir the enprescein opappre riatthfor ble puicgo od. bu 'st it c not ilearumf trp d woul tmeetcrhat iaiter. isbritimh prnie mi dsteravid rocamed n anrsothee havco nendemumd trr p foprhis alopos t toraempo hrilythalt e grimmin atiousof mmsli ie nto thu- s. st toill on come el channs 2 new th
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owfollsping suusiciosm seiic viactiesty yayterdrt, noh ko anrea cenoun hs itassu sfcces dullyatetoned a dr hy bogen womb.thhat eaat mnsfo e r thtrcoun ay...hend t d,worlt. nex me olteorjeogist tiff marllnez wiha ouve yoir pinpornt 2 fecast af
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e welcomloback. aroking toundhe wo inrld.. atvestignoors w li beeyeve thif idente ied thman t ineshe new tt isisvihreat deo. thand hey saybee may ti a brish ofatherurf fo. "c gehallenig the mthht of e miislaatc ste." e th snewestedo-calldi "jihajo shn" toorpeak fis isis
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rtrepo sedlyboold asuncy ctles. ar dhte threataned ataicks agnst br initain 1 a0-minute agprop vandahaideo tart appes to tshowcuhe exef tion oenfive m. it brliish porrce ad estehim in14 20sp on sun icioncof engouragi orterr bism,n'ut didvet haou endegh evi hnce tom.old hi in w othereworld ns... u- the rin secuncty coul il wil odmeet teray aft k northorea t saidcchey sulyessfulct condueda enhydrogte bomb st. er if v..ified.ul it wo td markhe t firshetime try countve has er atestedof bomb ty this pe, wh peich exsarts my isore we poharful tton an ambmic bo. br bbian we rep fortsnerom w . york at -ns- pr a retiesentam ve froitthe whe ho ysuse sa.s the uot. cann nf coa irm h norta koreoghydren tbomb best.s ut iincall tg onhe un cos try'erlead as to bbidey rnintenaatiolil obongatid s an co itmmntme..s. e thsesurprith norea koratn ste nntv aemounccaent tlledvehe ent 'p a cterfesu
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regal' ightefto ditend self ag ait nss u-gragonessi. th ree anal dfoger e r th iu.s.s hewhetrtr noreh kos a ha te innsntiode to trmonsthate eir il abs itiearas fth as cie thws of ene evmet caer aft a po 5-1 int-itmagneaude uarthqkes waeddetecta near owknnon h rt re koucan neslear t. t site -nats-so reuth kokla quicemy condned tothe de..nationca. and alledn em ncergetiy naonal cu seourity c mnciltieeng. unthe coprtry's enesidldt topo res rterhe-- tes ts t "ia atthrer on ou'speopleva survil d an .futurean... did a rect ngchallense agaialt glob peace saand fetyf ." iirconf tmed,his wo beuld th norea korou's frth cl nuteear thst. rse fiwat s rr cad iet ou 2in006. ia brbbn we c forewbs ns. unthe ur seccoity l uncihas seimpoond weapfis and l nancia tisancagons t ainsh nortkorea
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cevin i0620. "c elhannew 2 nnts cos inuewith ormeteisologfft jeti mars nez'pi ntnpoiec 2 forroast, badcast rt ced ifie aby then merica ormeteicologieal soc ty!" it i's a fcy andesoggy ms out e ther mthisniorusng, tre exa ca n utioindrivthg wi me nu arousenccidlrts aeady rtrepoa ed. zifreeogng f vi ad isory us up 9ntiltham, at'swh heen tog ful shoard stt tobu ffrn owi. a wnterereath ad ryvisoup is t foriehe srra da tothy wie mor tsnowherema tkingl raveicdiff ault,nd tescatsnred hoow s iwerse n th ll vaitey wghh hi ts inidhe m
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th kee trucr e rivet may nobe theng
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e the truckemariver bey not the ng loriest bver --haut it s beene th so ourcenyf maic conflr ts ovewa ghter rir ts, fohamore tn a ur iogotiat ans forer longtm onsoluti i began19n the 80s --an thd now kee trucr e rive inoperatemg agre oent --r troa s -- iy finallcein pla. ul pan nelsoustells e. mor 09-20 8 23-244 -50 00 1:6 -1:01: :221-17 1: :440-16 tr 1 t1:5 09
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23 -28 -5440 r mayoinmart"wi goe a t cideonsi c --raeleb atingacn emheivent at thth many t ought mighr neve en happ. wariver owter fling th kee trucr e riveinoperatg wathe ery wh de itt idn'seem ilikeult wot d ge bdoneut iin
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